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Studies show that at least 77% of Americans suffer from foot pain. Many men and women live in misery because they don’t know that foot pain often has a very clear cause and effective solution. At Family Foot & Ankle Specialists in Greenville and Rockwall, Texas, the caring podiatric team including Steven Brancheau, DPM; Paul Brancheau, DPM; and Ryan Pinedo, DPM, treat all the different causes of foot pain. Reach out to the location closest to you by phone or through the online scheduler for foot pain relief fast.

Foot Pain Q & A

What causes foot pain?

Some of the most common reasons for foot pain can include:

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is severe inflammation in the plantar fascia, the ligament running along the bottom of your foot. Plantar fasciitis usually causes serious heel pain and is typically the most painful when you wake up or after you've been laying down for a long period. 

As you move, plantar fasciitis pain generally recedes but then returns the next day. Usually, plantar fasciitis affects only one heel but it can occur in both.

Heel spurs

Heel spurs are small bony growths on the bottom of your heel. They're due to calcium deposits in your heel and often occur simultaneously with plantar fasciitis. Although heel spurs don't usually cause discomfort or pain, they might do so, particularly if associated with plantar fasciitis. 

Achilles tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis is inflammation in the Achilles tendon, the long tissue band extending from your calf muscles into your heel bones. Your Achilles tendon absorbs shock from walking and other movements, but overuse can lead to Achilles tendinitis pain in your heel. 

Other possible causes of foot pain can include joint wear from arthritis, bone fractures, and nerve compression. Bone misalignment and infection can also cause serious foot pain.

Sometimes, skin redness, swelling, stiffness, or warmth make the pain even worse. Your podiatrist at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists will uncover the cause of your foot pain and help you recover.

How is foot pain diagnosed?

Foot pain diagnosis is a joint effort between you and your podiatrist. It’s important to describe your pain as accurately as you can so your podiatrist can determine which diagnostic testing you need. 

Usually, you’ll have a comprehensive foot exam followed by X-ray, ultrasound, or other imaging tests so your Family Foot & Ankle Specialists foot doctor can make a diagnosis.

How can I relieve foot pain?

Foot pain treatment varies by symptoms and condition, but treatment often includes:

  • Rest
  • Custom orthotic shoe inserts
  • Taping or strapping your heel
  • Night splint to stretch your plantar fascia
  • Physical therapy
  • Foot exercises

In some cases, foot and ankle fractures or other serious problems with foot alignment and construction require surgery. The board-certified podiatrists at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists have hospital access and can perform surgery to repair any serious foot problem. 

Call the Family Foot & Ankle Specialists nearest you now or use online booking anytime to get foot pain relief.