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If you have thickened patches on your feet that become irritated and cause pain when you put pressure on them, you likely have corns. But with the help of Steven Brancheau, DPM; Paul Brancheau, DPM; and Ryan Pinedo, DPM, at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists in Greenville and Rockwall, Texas, you can get those painful and unsightly corns removed. Before corns start causing any more discomfort, schedule an exam through the website. You can also call either office directly to book a visit.

Corns Q & A

What causes corns?

Corns develop as your skin’s way of protecting itself. When there’s excessive pressure or friction on your skin, it starts to thicken as a natural reaction. 

In most cases, corns form on areas where no weight bearing occurs, such as across the tops of your toes. If you have corns, they may be linked to:

  • Not wearing socks
  • Deformities, like hammertoes or mallet toes
  • Ill-fitting shoes that are too loose or too tight
  • Repetitive friction issues, like if you’re a distance runner

Calluses develop for similar reasons as corns. But calluses are larger patches of thickened skin that typically form on weight-bearing areas, particularly on the balls of your feet or near bunions.

How does a podiatrist treat corns?

When you come in to Family Foot & Ankle Specialists for your corn evaluation, your podiatrist talks with you about your lifestyle and the shoes you tend to wear daily. 

They try to pinpoint why you may have corns, so the team can determine which treatments may be most effective for your needs. Common corn treatments include:

  • Professional corn removal with a surgical scalpel
  • Corn-softening ointments
  • Custom-fitted orthotics
  • Corn pads

While surgery isn’t necessary to directly treat corns, your podiatrist may recommend a surgical procedure to correct an underlying issue that may be causing your corns. 

For example, if you have corns because of deformities, such as hammertoes, your podiatrist can perform a procedure to correct and realign your toes.

Can I prevent corns?

Once your podiatrist at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists treats your corns, they talk with you about preventive measures. While you can’t prevent every corn from occurring, you can lower your risk by:

  • Wearing roomier shoes
  • Exfoliating your feet with a pumice stone regularly
  • Using a thick foot moisturizer on your feet daily

Your podiatrist also evaluates your socks and shoes to ensure they fit well. This helps eliminate the friction that may be contributing to your painful corn issues. 

Corns aren’t generally a major health concern. But if you’re at risk of infection because of decreased blood flow, as with diabetes, prompt corn treatment and ongoing preventive measures are important. 

Family Foot & Ankle Specialists provides in-office corn treatments. All you have to do is to schedule an appointment online or over the phone with the clinic nearest you.