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Known as one of the most painful and contagious foot infections, athlete’s foot can cause your skin to become so raw and irritated that even the softest of socks cause pain. If you struggle with athlete’s foot, Steven Brancheau, DPM; Paul Brancheau, DPM; and Ryan Pinedo, DPM, of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists in Greenville and Rockwall, Texas, provide advanced treatment solutions. Book your athlete’s foot evaluation directly through the website or call the office nearest you directly to schedule.

Athlete's Foot Q & A

What are the symptoms of athlete’s foot?

Medically known as tinea pedis, athlete’s foot is known for making your feet feel sore and irritated. Depending on the severity of your infection, you may also have:

  • Flakiness 
  • Itching
  • Stinging
  • Burning 
  • Blisters 

These issues usually occur on your forefoot and between your toes, although severe infections can also spread up the sides of your feet. Athlete’s foot can become so severe, you might even notice that your toenails start pulling away from your nail bed. 

How did I get athlete’s foot?

Fungal organisms that cause athlete’s foot thrive in any environments that are moist, dark, and warm. These fungal invaders spread through direct contact with another person who has athlete’s foot, as well as through contact with contaminated clothing or surfaces. 

For example, you may have come into contact with the fungal organisms by walking barefoot:

  • Across a pool deck
  • In a gym locker room
  • In a communal shower

While anyone can struggle with an athlete’s foot infection, this painful issue is more common if you’ve had it in the past. Your risk of athlete’s foot increases if you have a weakened immune system or poor blood flow.

What are the best treatments for athlete’s foot?

Your podiatrist at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists examines you and talks with you about your treatment options. Depending on the severity of your athlete’s foot, your podiatrist may prescribe:

  • Topical antifungal creams
  • Oral antifungal medications
  • Topical steroid solutions 

If you have signs of athlete’s foot, it’s important to come in to Family Foot & Ankle Specialists to try to pinpoint the cause. Not only can your dedicated podiatrist treat your current infection, but they can also help you learn how you may have gotten athlete’s foot, so you can prevent it in the future. 

Your podiatrist counsels you about wearing protective footwear in all communal areas, keeping your feet clean and dry, and airing out your shoes regularly to decrease athlete’s foot complications. 

Before your athlete’s foot worsens, contact Family Foot & Ankle Specialists for an exam. Click on the online scheduler or call either office to speak with a team member.